Sustainable Food Systems

Who are we?

Sustainable Food Systems is a company of chefs and food service managers who partner with institutions such as schools and hospitals to incorporate healthy practices into their food services.

What are we doing in Cabell County Schools?

  • SFS and Cabell County Schools are working collaboratively to implement a lunch menu that provides healthy, affordable and popular choices.
  • We have developed a new menu that utilizes kid-friendly recipes that are mostly cooked from scratch.
  • We're going into one school at a time to teach the cooks how to prepare these menus and talk with the students and teachers about the exciting changes.

Why are we doing this?

  • School meals are a great place to positively impact many children regarding healthy lifestyles.
  • The new lunch menus in Cabell County use more whole and fresh ingredients than in the past and have less additives and unfavorable ingredients.
  • The students will begin to develop new experiences in taste and eating habits.

What can you do?

  • Support and encourage your children to eat as many of the school meals as possible. These changes are designed to bring school food into a new and healthful era.
  • Please remember that with new programs, change often includes challenges. In this case, the greatest challenge is maintaining or increasing the number of children eating our lunches.


  • Ask your children what they had for lunch – what they like about it, what they wish were different.
  • Try some of these new items at home – maybe they're family favorites already!
  • Come in and join your child for lunch some day!

  • Last updated: 07/20/2011
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