Brian Galligan

Brian Galligan has kept a reminder of his life as an obese man in his refrigerator. That man weighed more than 318 pounds. He also had diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol problems.

"When you open up my refrigerator, I have my last bottle of insulin in the door to remind me where I've been and to never go back there," Galligan said.

Since coming to Cabell Huntington Hospital's Center for Surgical Weight Control in June 2005, Galligan has lost more than 138 pounds. His health has improved and his life-threatening health problems have gone away.

"My diabetes was out of control," Galligan said. "I knew that at some point I was going to have a stroke or a heart attack. All of my problems were related to my obesity."

Galligan praises his experience at Cabell Huntington Hospital and his weight loss surgery. There were five tiny incisions made during his laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure. Now it is hard to tell the marks ever existed, he said.

"The bottom line was that I had a problem," he said. "I used the surgery to cure my obesity."

  • Last updated: 07/19/2010
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