CHH introduces studio-quality newborn baby photo service

Cabell Huntington Hospital now offers patients studio-quality newborn baby photos that give parents hands-on involvement in capturing the first photo images of their child's life. Cabell Huntington Hospital's Maternity Services recently partnered with Charley's Angels to provide patients with professional in-hospital newborn baby photography. Charley's Angels allows parents to be featured with their baby and they can set up and edit the photos according to their wishes. Parents choose a password and the password-protected baby photos can be viewed online within a day or two of being taken.

"Our moms and dads have been thrilled with the quality of these pictures and with how quickly they get to see the finished product," said Emily Stacy, Nurse Manager of Cabell Huntington Hospital's Mother-Baby Unit. "Because these images capture the most precious moments of a newborn's life, our families have a unique opportunity to create a keepsake before they leave the hospital with their child."

Photos and related products are generally less expensive than those offered by most baby photography services. Cabell Huntington is the only hospital in the tri-State to offer this level of quality in newborn photography.

  • Last updated: 06/03/2016
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