Home sleep studies available in Huntington & Hurricane locations

For more information, please call 304-526-2069

Monitoring the results of a sleep study

The Sleep Disorders Center at Cabell Huntington Hospital is making it easier than ever for patients to participate in studies to diagnose common sleep problems. In-home sleep studies are now available through both the Huntington and Putnam County locations of Cabell Huntington Hospital’s Sleep Disorders Center.

The staff of the Sleep Disorders Center uses information collected from a take-home sleep study device to evaluate what a patient is experiencing while resting and sleeping. The results of the test are interpreted by Dr. Imran Khawaja, a board-certified pulmonologist and sleep disorders specialist with Marshall Health. Dr. Khawaja spends time treating patients at both the Huntington and Putnam County locations.

The Sleep Disorders Center at Cabell Huntington Hospital is located inside the hospital and the Putnam County location is in the Seville Building on Hospital Drive in Hurricane.

People who may benefit from a sleep study include those who are experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness, insomnia, snoring, restless legs or sleep apnea. Sleep disorders are common and may contribute to serious health problems, such as stroke and heart attack, if left untreated.

For more information about in-home sleep studies from Cabell Huntington Hospital, please call 304-526-2069 or 304-757-1995.


  • Last updated: 05/03/2016
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