myHealthFile FAQs

1. What is myHealthFile?

myHealthFile is a secure online website that gives patients convenient, 24-hour access to their personal health information from anywhere with an internet connection. Using a secure username and password, you  can view health information from your computer, your smart phone or your tablet.

2. What can I do using myHealthFile?

myHealthFile can be used to communicate with your doctor's office without using the phone. You can take an active role in managing your health by using the portal to:

• Access records from recent doctor and/or hospital visits

• Review certain test results; some results are only released by your doctor

• Request non-urgent appointments*

• Exchange secure e-mail with your doctor's staff

• Maintain lists of medications, immunizations, allergies, etc.

3. Is there a fee for this service?

myHealthFile is available to any Cabell Huntington Hospital or Marshall Health patient at no cost.

4. What do I need to sign up for myHealthFiles?

To access myHealthFile, you must be a recent patient of Cabell Huntington Hospital, Marshall Health and/or associated facilities. For security purposes, your PIN must be assigned in person. For Marshall Health patients, your doctor's office staff will assign you a PIN (personal identification number) in person and follow up with a secure email to the address you provide with instructions on how to enroll. Cabell Huntington Hospital patients will receive a PIN after discharge via email.

f you prefer to enroll now rather than wait until your next appointment, please bring:

  • a valid ID to your Marshall Health physician’s office, or
  • a completed copy of the Portal Enrollment Form, along with a valid ID, to Cabell Huntington Hospital’s Health Information Management (Medical Records) Department on the ground floor.

Once have done so, a member of the staff will assign you a PIN and follow up by email with enrollment instructions.

5. Do I need any special computer equipment to use myHealthFile?

You can access myHealthFile from any computer with internet access and a compatible internet browser. The portal has been tested with the newer versions of common internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Please click the name of the appropriate logo below to download the latest version of your browser.

Internet Explorer Google Chrome Firefox Safari

6. Can I access myHealthFile with my mobile phone or tablet computer?

The patient portal is designed to use on a desk/laptop computer. Although the portal can be accessed on a mobile device, viewing and navigation may not be as easy.

7. Can I use myHealthFile for urgent matters?

myHealthFile should NOT be used for urgent messages and emergencies. myHealthFile is for routine communication and requests only. In case of an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

8. Can I access or open an account for a child or a non-minor family member, such as my parent?

Yes, you can use myHealthFile to manage not just your own health care, but the care of your loved ones as well, including:

  • minor dependents
  • a dependent adult age 18 and older
  • adult patients who want to grant access to another adult, such as an adult daughter who helps manage the care of her mother.

Using myHealthFile to view another patient's information is called proxy access, and your options include:

  • as the primary custodian, who acts on behalf of the patient, or
  • as a custodian, with read-only access

9. What if I forget or lose my PIN number? 

PINs are assigned to Marshall Health patients in person by their doctor's office staff, and for Cabell Huntington Hospital patients by the staff at Cabell Huntington Hospital's Health Information Management (Medical Records) Department. If you lost your PIN or haven't been assigned one yet, please call your doctor's office or CHH's Health Information Management (Medical Records) Department (304-526-2259) to find out about receiving a PIN in person.

10. Who do I contact with problems or questions about using myHealthFile?

During regular business hours, please call 304-399-1750. You can also use our contact form to email your questions.
















  • Last updated: 06/22/2015
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