Your Accommodations

Your Room

Your room assignment at Cabell Huntington Hospital is based upon your admitting diagnosis and bed availability on the day of your admission. Private (single-bed) and semi-private (two-bed) rooms are available. All rooms are centrally heated and air conditioned. If adjustments to the room temperature are desired, please notify the nursing staff or call extension 2038. Visitors should not use the restroom in your room. Please ask them to use the restrooms located in or near the waiting areas.

Your Bed

Your bed is electronically operated, and your nurse will show you how to properly work it. The hospital bed is probably higher and narrower than your bed at home. Bedside rails are for your protection and may be raised at night or during the day if you are resting, recovering from surgery or taking certain medications.

Calling Your Nurse

Cabell Huntington Hospital has three types of nurse call buttons. Depending upon what type of bed you have, your nurse call button may be located on the bed rail, on the pillow speaker (a small control box for the TV) or on the squeeze bulb (also used to control the TV).

Meal Selection

Menus for inpatients are distributed each morning and picked up early in the afternoon for the next day's meals. If you are admitted after menus are collected, your nurse can supply one or you can call extension 3017 and a Food Service representative will mark a menu with you. If you prefer an alternate food selection, please write your preference on the menu. Choices that are available daily include cheeseburgers, pizza, chicken, fish, spaghetti and grilled chicken salad. The Food Service representative can assist you in selecting other available alternatives upon your request. Patients on modified diets are limited to items within their restrictions. There is a variety of snack items available on your unit that you may also request from your nurse. These include milk, juice, soft drinks, cereal, crackers, ice cream and sherbet. Visiting family members or friends may purchase guest trays that will be delivered with your tray. To order a tray, call extension 3017.

  • Last updated: 03/14/2011
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