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Cabell Huntington Hospital is proud of its reputation as “the baby hospital” of the Tri-State, and about 2,400 babies are born here each year. Our Labor, Delivery & Recovery Unit is located on the third floor in the North Patient Tower, with large, private rooms designed with the mother's care and comfort in mind. Patients and their families will appreciate the flat-screen TV, floor-to-ceiling windows and fixtures that are more like a hotel than a hospital. Each room has a fold-out bed for family members and a European-style bath accented with blue glass tile.

Most patients experience labor, delivery and recovery in the same room. After recovery, new mothers are transferred to one of our Mother-Baby Units, which also have all private rooms.

If a Cesarean section (C-section) is planned, or in case of emergency, there are Cesarean section delivery rooms right down the hall, as well as an infant stabilization room to provide care for babies who are premature or experiencing medical problems. A special, dedicated elevator that runs only between the Labor, Delivery & Recovery Unit and our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) allows NICU staff members quick access to the unit so that they can care for, stabilize and quickly transport babies who need extra care up to the NICU.

Feeling Strange? Is It Labor?

Our Obstetrical Triage Unit is staffed twenty-four hours a day to meet the needs of our pregnant patients, and approximately 5,000 mothers-to-be are evaluated each year. Obstetrical Triage serves as an emergency department for pregnant women that are experiencing problems related to diabetes, high blood pressure, a medical emergency or a change in condition, such as water breaking, premature labor pains, vaginal bleeding,  concerns about the baby's or the mother’s condition or regular contractions. In conjunction with physician specialists, the Obstetrical Triage staff assesses the patient to determine whether she is medically stable or if she needs to be admitted.

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Maternal Transport Team

When time is of the essence, Cabell Huntington Hospital has a specially trained maternal transport team that can care for pregnant women while they are in transit to Cabell Huntington by air or ground.

The Women’s Suite

Expectant mothers who require close observation or specialized care may be admitted to Cabell Huntington Hospital’s Women’s Unit on the third floor. Patients benefit from the unit’s multidisciplinary team approach, and physician specialists in maternal-fetal medicine and neonatal medicine, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered dietitians, physical therapists and case managers may all contribute to developing a plan of care for each patient. The hospital's staff includes board-certified physicians as well as.

Depending on their condition, patients may spend weeks or even months on the unit, which can be a stressful time for both the patient and her family. The staff is sensitive to this, and is dedicated to doing everything possible to help lessen the patient’s anxiety, educate her about her diagnosis, maintain an optimal level of health and produce a positive outcome for mother and baby.

Learn More about Conception and Pregnancy

There's a lot you can do both before and during pregnancy to help you have a healthy baby. Developed by March of Dimes experts, this mini-site gives you the information you need — when you need it.

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Cabell Huntington Hospital delivers more than 2,400 babies each year and offers classes to help expectant parents welcome and care for their new arrival:

For more information, or to register for any class, call 304-526-BABY. For dates and other information, please view our Calendar of Events.

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