Mother-Baby Care

Once you have recovered from delivering your baby, you will be moved to a private room in the Mother/Baby Unit, which is closer to the nursery. For continuity of care, you and your child are cared for by the same nurses throughout your stay in the Mother/Baby Unit.


 CHH's maternity services are a family affair. The baby's father or a support person may spend the night, and you may have your new baby with you as much as you want. Visits by brothers, sisters or grandparents allow everyone to meet their newest family member. New parents also are treated to a special Celebration Dinner before you are discharged.


During your stay in the Mother/Baby Unit, nurses and other educators will be sharing important information with you about a variety of topics, including:

Please feel free to ask questions of our experienced staff. They are here to help!

Baby Photos

 Cabell Huntington Hospital offers baby photos produced by Forever Memories, a premier nursery photo service. You may purchase prints and other items and pass-phrase protected photos will be posted online for you to share with relatives and friends around the world.

  • Last updated: 06/30/2016
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