We understand the important role family and friends have in a patient's recovery and well-being. To protect you and your family there may be times when we need to limit visitation. Please note that visiting hours are subject to change. After-hours visitors must check in at with Security to be registered and given a visitor's pass.

Overnight Visitor Passes

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Security will issue one pass for overnight visitation for each patient. Due to space limitations and the need for patients to rest, only one visitor may stay each night on the hospital grounds. Security will check for visitation passes after visiting hours end. Visitors who are in patient rooms and do not have a pass after hours will be asked to acquire a pass or leave the hospital. If the visitor requests permission to stay with a patient, the visitor should request a pass from a Security officer at the CHH main entrance on the ground floor, the Adult Intensive Care Unit waiting area on the fourth floor or the Emergency Department on the first floor. Visitors are to stay on the unit indicated on their passes. Visitors found in areas of the hospital other than their designated unit will be asked to return to that unit.

Visiting Guidelines

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Your visit is important to the recovery of your relative or friend; however, we ask that you follow certain guidelines when visiting patients at Cabell Huntington Hospital.

  1. For the health and safety of patients, it is recommended that only two (2) visitors are in the room with the patient at any time.
  2. Visitation may be restricted during treatments, examinations, etc.; when the visitor(s) display(s) inappropriate, unsafe, or disruptive behavior; or, when the staff and patient determine that visitors should leave for the patient's well-being or privacy.
  3. Visitation by children less than 14 years of age shall be accompanied by an adult and shall check with the Nurses' Station before visiting.
  4. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Hospital, in any of its facilities, or on its grounds, with the exception of the designated smoking area outside of the Emergency Department in the parking garage.
  5. Food and sleeping equipment are not permitted in waiting areas. No lounging furniture may be brought into the Hospital.
  6. All visitors shall comply with the West Virginia State Health Code and wear proper attire while in the Hospital (e.g., shoes, shirt).
  7. After 9 p.m., Guest Relations will be stationed in the Emergency Department lobby and a Security officer will be stationed in the Main lobby, to screen visitors and issue guest passes.
    • The Security officer/ Guest Relations shall issue visitor passes only after obtaining consent for the visitors from the charge nurse or patient's primary nurse.
    • Visitors shall be requested to stay on the unit indicated on their overnight pass.
    • Please note: Due to COVID-19, these guidelines may change. For the most recent changes please click here.