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Man with headache

To help you deal with pain from an accident, injury or chronic condition, Cabell Huntington Hospital operates a specialized Pain Management Center. The center helps those who are suffering from chronic pain or occasional bouts of pain.

The CHH Pain Management Center has been providing a full scope of services since 1991, offering comprehensive acute and chronic pain management through a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. The majority of pain management services are provided in an outpatient setting; however inpatient services are available when necessary.

Our Mission

  • Improve your quality of life.
  • Reduce pain and increase your control over pain.
  • Coordinate and unify pain management efforts.
  • Restore you to your optimal functional capacity.
  • Assist you in achieving and maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
  • Help you return to gainful employment.
  • Decrease and control the use of drugs, especially habit-forming drug

What We Do

Dr. Ahmet Ozturk

Some of the conditions we normally treat include pain in the low back, hip, neck, legs, arms, muscle, joint, chest wall, face, pelvis or head as well as pain related to cancer, AIDS, shingles, migraine, arthritis, tension headaches, cluster headaches, chronic radiculopathy or fibromyalgia. We also treat myofascial pain, complex regional pain, phantom leg/arm pain and diabetic neuropathy.

Treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation, and medical management may include physical therapy, specialized nursing care, psychological testing, counseling and support, diagnostic nerve blocks, blocks to control pain, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, pool therapy/hydrotherapy, spinal pump insertion, spinal cord stimulation, trigger point injections, neuroplasty and/or radiofrequency procedures.

The Recovery Center

Pain specialists Dr. Ahmet Ozturk, Dr. Ghassan T. Moufarrege and Dr. Joe Mack Arroliga also direct acute and chronic pain management for patients at Cabell Huntington Hospital's Recovery Center, a comprehensive treatment program for patients with opiate addiction.