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The Surgical Intensive Care Unit/Coronary Care Unit treats trauma, post-surgical and cardiac patients. Every patient room in the SICU/CCU has a window — in some cases floor to ceiling — and all 18 rooms are spacious and filled with light. Most important, the patient rooms were designed and built to accommodate the new technologies that are an integral part of caring for these patients.

The design of the unit includes computers in alcoves between every two patient rooms, with windows looking into each patient room, so the clinician can electronically monitor and document the patient's condition without disturbing the patient. In addition, the hospital has advanced wireless infrastructure and state-of-the-art clinical information systems to provide clinicians with instant access to relevant information on their mobile handheld wireless computers.

A surgical instrument

The rooms have breakaway doors to make it easy to transport patients for testing or in emergencies. There are four specially built isolation rooms with HEPA filters and positive pressure for immuno-compromised patients. There are more medication rooms and nourishment stations on each unit so staff has everything necessary to attend to their patients' needs without going far.

The layout of the SICU/CCU reflects Cabell Huntington's continued focus on patient care. Instead of one large nurses' station in a central location, the unit has several smaller team stations so that staff can be closer to patients. The nursing staff is well educated and experienced in treating patients needing intensive care, and they achieve great satisfaction from providing such individualized care to their patients.